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25 years | 25 stories of NAVREF

Since 1992, the National Association of Veterans' Research and Education Foundations has worked to support our members to become a source of excellence for VA Research and Development. Over the course of Fiscal Year 2017, NAVREF will be promoting 25 stories from our members, friends, and stakeholders recounting our unique heritage, culture, and spirit.  You can look forward to 2 recollections each month culminating on September 10th in Las Vegas where we will host our 25th Annual NAVREF Conference.  Thank you for your support of NAVREF’s vision of a nation in which veterans receive the finest care based on innovative research and education.


Date                            Title                                                                              Author                                                                             
Nov 1 Our First Story: Impressions

Priscilla West

NAVREF Board Chair

Nov 15 Our Second Story: A CRADO Perspective

Timothy O'Leary, MD, PhD

Former Chief Research and Development Officer

Dec 1 Our Third Story: From the CSP

Grant Huang, MPH, PhD

VA Cooperative Studies Program

Dec 15 Our Fourth Story: A Sister Organization's Perspective

Gary Ewart, MHS

American Thoracic Society

Jan 17 Our Fifth Story: Birth of the NPC

Richard Levine, MD

Former VA ACOS-R and Founder of the Institute for Clinical Research

Feb 1 Our Sixth Story: CRADA DevRev

Dave Johnson

Executive Director, Baltimore Research and Education Foudation

Feb 15 Our Seventh Story: Connecting with Connecticut

Fred Wright, MD

ACOS-R, VA Connecticut Healthcare System

Mar 1

Our Eighth Story: An AO-"K" Recollection

Our Ninth Story: The SOP Anecdote

Nancy Parks, Former ACOS-R & Executive Director, Augusta Biomedical Research Corporation

BoB Dresch, Executive Director, McGuire Research Institute

Mar 15

Our Tenth Story: Looking back from Seattle

Eileen Lennon

Former Executive Director at Seattle Institute for Biomedical and Clinical Research

Apr 3

Our Eleventh Story: Acknowledging Our Need

Angela Murakami

Former NAVREF Associate Executive Director

Apr 17

Our Twelfth Story: Growing up with NAVREF

Antonio Laracuente

Former Executive Director of Atlanta Research and Education Foundation & NAVREF Board Member

May 1

Our Thirteenth Story: In the Beginning

Our Fourteenth Story: A CRADO Perspective Part 2


Jeanette Evans-Hamilton, Former Administrative Officer for Research and Development, and Executive Director of the Midwest Biomedical Research Foundation

Joel Kupersmith, M.D., Former Chief Research and Development Officer

May 15

Our Fifteenth Story: We've Come a Long Way


Ron Flink

Contract Manager, CARES and First NAVREF Board Chair


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