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Affiliate Badges for NPC Administrative Employees


In 2009, NAVREF annual conference attendees were informed that NPC administrative employees,  those employees not engaged in VA research or education, were being issued improper without compensation appointments by VA. 

During NAVREF's 2010 Annual Conference, Jimmy Dubois, Staff Attorney and Deputy Ethics Official in VA’s Office of General Counsel (OGC) Professional Staff Group (PSG) III, gave a presentation on “To WOC or Not to WOC?” essentially outlining OGC’s determination that certain NPC (administrative) employees who were not performing VA duties (VA research or education under the supervision of VA employees) were being issued “improper” without compensation appointments (WOC).  Instead NPC employees doing strictly NPC administrative work should be given “affiliate” appointments.

Click here to view the presentation. 

The presentation reference two documents, one of which had not been issued at the time.  To view the updated documents, go to:

Responsibility for affiliate badges may not be with VA HR departments.  It seems they are usually handled by the security office but that may be a local decision.

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