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Becoming a Member

Membership in NAVREF is open to VA affiliated nonprofit research and education foundations (NPCs) established, governed and managed in accordance with 38 USC ยงยง7361-7366. Members will be authorized an unlimited number of NAVREF website accounts for their staff and personnel as long as their membership status is in good standing. For access to an individual account, please register using the registration link at the upper right hand corner. 


Annual dues are predicated on the most recent IRS Form 990 reported revenue. Dues on a graduated scale are collected at the beginning of the membership year. 

Membership year:

The NAVREF membership year is July 1 to June 30. Accommodations are made for NPCs joining at various times throughout the year with dues being prorated. 

Membership Benefits

  • Best Practice Consultations at No-Cost - NAVREF's BPC promotes high quality operational practices among the VA-affiliated NPCs. Through this program, NAVREF supports the cost of sending two or three specifically selected, experienced executie directors or NAVREF staff members to spend two days on-site reviewing all aspects of the NPC's management.
  • Bi-Monthly Newsletter - NAVREF sends news items relevant to NPCs to NPC executive directors. These items are posted on the NAVREF website for NAVREF member access.
  • SCRS Membership - NAVREF membership comes with SCRS membership too! SCRS offers several monthly webinar series on topics of interest to research sites.
  • Funding Resources - NAVREF offers members the unique benefit to work with a single point of contact that connects industry opportunities with VA resources.
  • Advocacy - NAVREF is an active participant in advocacy efforts to secure robust funding for VA research and development. This entails lobbying for an increase in the annual appropriation for the VA medical and prosthetic research account, which is separate from VA health care appropriation. NAVREF works with House and Senate Veterans Affairs Committees to highlight research and education issues pertinent to VA.
  • Affinity Program - With multiple partners, NAVREF members can enjoy the benefit of using our collective strength to access competitive insurance, retirement, human resource, and procurement plans.

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