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Systemic Racism is a National Problem We Must Work Together to Solve

17 Jun 2020 9:08 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

For many of us, the year 2020 began with the spirit of inspiration and new hope. Six months later, that spirit has been beaten, burned and placed in isolation. From disease to civil unrest, the past six months have been fraught with challenges unlike any seen in our lifetimes. These are, without a doubt, stressful times for all of us. However, these times are being met head-on with strong and passionate voices. In unison with our colleagues, national leaders, and many Americans, NAVREF supports these voices in saying enough is enough.

Although one more corporate statement might do little to change our country, our team believes saying nothing is a statement of compliance. Words matter. Words can ignite hate. And words can bring about change.

The NAVREF team undisputedly advocates for full equality. In our niche role supporting veterans’ health research, we focus on improving and saving lives through scientific discovery without discrimination. However, we must acknowledge that our industry is also imperfect. So, let us make our position very clear. We must usher-in equality and unity through systemic reform focused on equal justice for all and holding leaders accountable. This notion of justice and accountability is non-negotiable.

The NAVREF staff will play our part as we continue our mission to enhance veterans’ research.

  • We will take action through our daily communications with veterans, stakeholders, and peers.
  • We will make our own declarations clear for equal change, and we will empower ourselves to say what is right against those who promote hate out of ignorance.
  • We will speak out against bullies mired in their own institutional beliefs, and against those who purposely hold back the progress of needed change.

To our members, the nation, and our human family, we wish you peace and positivity in these difficult times.

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