Promoting Partnerships To Improve Veterans’ Health


Formed in 1992, the National Association of Veterans' Research and Education Foundations (NAVREF) is the 501(c)(3) nonprofit membership organization of research and education foundations affiliated with Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical centers. These nonprofits, also known as the VA-affiliated nonprofit research and education corporations (NPCs), are authorized by Congress under 38 USC ยงยง7361-7366 to provide flexible funding mechanisms for the conduct of research and education at VA facilities nationwide. 

What We Do

In addition to our commitment to enhancing the quality of care for veterans, NAVREF plays a pivotal role in fostering collaboration and innovation within the VA research community. Our organization spearheads initiatives such as the Access to Clinical Trials (ACT) for Veterans Initiative, which aims to streamline processes and increase efficiency in conducting clinical trials for veteran patients.

Furthermore, NAVREF serves as a vital conduit between VA-affiliated nonprofit organizations (NPCs) and key stakeholders, facilitating partnerships that drive groundbreaking research and educational opportunities for veterans. By advocating for NPCs and promoting best practices, we empower these organizations to maximize their impact and support the health and well-being of our nation's veterans.

Through our advocacy efforts, educational programs, and strategic partnerships, NAVREF continues to be a driving force in advancing medical research and education initiatives that benefit veterans and their families. 

Why It Matters

Currently, less than two percent of clinical trials occur at VA hospitals, hindering access to innovative care for veterans. NAVREF believes that veterans should have access to cutting-edge treatments and aims to bridge this gap by facilitating partnerships and advocating for research that advances veterans' healthcare.

Vision, Mission, and Values

Vision: We envision a nation in which veterans receive the finest care based on innovative research and education.

Mission: Building a stronger veteran research and innovation community through support and collaboration.

Tagline: Promoting research partnerships to improve veterans’ health

Values: NAVREF is committed to transformative research, vibrant VA partnerships, transparent communications, integrity, proactive leadership, and advocacy for research that enhances care for veterans.

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