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In the dynamic and impactful field of medical research, NAVREF plays a crucial role in channeling groundbreaking clinical trials towards Veterans who rightfully deserve state-of-the-art care for their admirable service to our nation.  As the only association fully integrated with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, NAVREF works across our membership to bridge the gap between industry partners and the VA. We collaborate with a diverse range of public and private partners that are dedicated to advancing the research and education missions of the VA.

We work with industry partners to promote partnerships, disseminate information, and launch programs all aimed at ensuring that Veterans and their families have access to the highest quality care available.

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If your organization is keen on collaborating with our network of VA-affiliated research institutes, we would love to schedule a consultation to better understand your work.  Please reach out to us at, and a NAVREF Clinical Trials Liaison will work to schedule a free consultation.

Join our Industry Partner Consortium!

The NAVREF Industry Partner Consortium (IPC) is a platform for industry sponsors, nonprofit organizations, and other external stakeholders to identify, collaborate, and overcome challenges within VA research that hinder our nation's veterans from accessing some of the finest and most cutting-edge healthcare available. The IPC represents stakeholders from all facets of the healthcare industry representing pharmaceuticals, medical technology, nonprofit foundations, and other organizations with an interest to further veterans' research. 

Click here to learn more about the Industry Partner Consortium and submit an application to join.

Access our Resources

We have developed a suite of resources designed to support industry partners that are navigating research opportunities across VA.  These include:

  • The NAVREF 2023 Membership Directory (Includes a full listing of all VA-affiliated nonprofits, their affiliated nonprofit, major research areas, indirect cost rates, infrastructure/staffing details, and much more!
  • The 2023-2024 Clinical Trials Guidebook!  Navigate the complexities of industry-sponsored clinical trials within the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) with our guidebook. Gain insights into stakeholder roles, find optimal entry points for collaboration, and discover pathways for engaging the VHA in various research initiatives.

Request a copy of the Industry Partner Consortium Membership Directory!

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Request a copy of the 2023 Industry Partner Guidebook!

**Outlook will open email body, please write "IPC Guidebook Request" in Subject Line

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